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WELCOME to Extrema Cables. We are a manufacturer of custom electrical cables and wiring harnesses. As such, we are capable of manufacturing almost any type of electrical cable/harness our customers require. And in this case, "custom" does not mean "expensive". Our entire business is structured toward making cables by hand with great efficiency and therefore at very competitive prices.

We cut our teeth manufacturing cables for the US military where we learned how to make robust cables that HAD to work and work in some of the world's most demanding environments. We've supplied cables for deployment in the intense heat of the desert, the bitter cold of the Arctic, the hot sticky humidity of the jungle, submerged or dry. To this day, manufacturing cables for the military remains a significant portion of our business.

We are a build-to-print shop, working from your prints to manufacture your cable as you have specified. However, we are owned by a degreed engineer with years of design and manufacturing experience, and so also possess the chops necessary to work from your concept drawing to arrive at a completed design properly targeted to you application. 


All of our manufacturing techs are trained to IPC/WHMA-A-620, the industry consensus standard for cable and wire harness fabrication. Utilized world-wide, this standard sets out the practices and requirements for the manufacture of quality cable and harness assemblies. When we aren't making cables to the IPC spec, we are doing so to the equally, and oftentimes, more stringent requirements of our military customers. 

Whether you need a short simple point-to-point cable or a 500' harness with multiple M12 drops for monitoring/controlling your factory floor or a 00AWG lugged power trunk to bring emergency power from your outdoor generator to your indoor panel or a cable with embedded electronics for in-line digital processing and filtering; whether you need 20 cables turned in a week or 400 cables a month; whatever your specific requirement might be, please contact us. We can help.


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